Happy New Year and good wishes for 2017. It may seem a long time since the celebrations of welcoming in the New Year but in reality it is less than a week ago. Already 2017 is shaping up to be a fantastic year and there is so much I am looking forward to sharing with you all.

What I like about a new year is that it feels like a chance for a ‘fresh start’. I personally now like to see it as a time for reflecting and re-focussing but some years ago it really was a ‘fresh start’.

Looking back on how far I have come over these past few years is simply amazing and I wouldn’t now want to change anything, I don’t look back and wish I hadn’t fled at all. The years I was in an abusive relationship made my life feel like it was on ‘pause’ and now I seem to be trying to catch up.
It wasn’t an easy choice as I am sure you will be able to relate to. In fact, I wasn’t given any other option as I was hustled out of what was my home. The times were unbelievably difficult with so many pressures emotionally, physically and financially at the time… and it’s only really in the last 6 months that the loose ends are finally coming together. I knew it was worth the temporary desperate struggle but make no mistake, knowing that and working through the issues to reach this point has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile.

This year I am working on another project. At the moment, I haven’t released all the details about what it is – BUT I can tell you that I am looking to connect with other victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Any commitment from you would involve giving up some time in correspondence with me and would need you to be comfortable with going into detail regarding what you have experienced.

If you’re interested you can contact me via the contact page, email at jljarratt@hotmail.com, comment with your email address below on this post, via Facebook or Twitter. Whichever is easiest for you.

Please do share this blog post with those you think may be interested.

All the best once again.



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