It’s October and its a NEW month but most importantly it is Domestic Violence Awareness month. There are a few things I am doing this month and like every year I feel it is an important month to take part in.

Not only is it the publication day of Isolation Junction (second edition) on the 22nd but I am doing this Instagram Challenge. I am sure you have noticed it says positive challenge and this is because I felt personally I needed to bring some positivity to the month. It can be quite overwhelming when each year bringing awareness brings back memories I would rather lock away and I felt that if I feel this I am sure that others feel this way as well. I have to remember that my life now is that of a happy one and that I have managed to build a positive life after the abusive relationship I experienced. So… I thought we could have a month to recognise the positives and still bring awareness to domestic abuse.

How to join in:

  1. Let everyone know on Insta that you are joining in on the challenge, sharing will get more people involved.
  2. Take a picture relating to the prompt on each day of the month (see image below).
  3. Make sure you tag me in the picture, my instagram is @authorjennifergilmour.
  4. Don’t forget the # as well so others that are joining in can see your pictures as well.

Make sure you come back each Monday of October and check to see if your photo has been featured in my weekly blog post especially for this Instagram Challenge. 

Happy posting, can’t wait to see your pictures.



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  1. Kate Kenzie

    I am signed up and enjoying the challenge already. I wonder what the ratio between tea and coffee will be in the favourite drink posts.
    Good luck with your second edition. The cover looks brill x

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      I am enjoying your posts, thank you so much for joining in. I was split between tea and a latte. x

  2. Julie Morris

    This is such a great challenge for a great cause, excited to be taking part.

  3. ViolaBleu

    Yay .. thank you for the challenge… honoured to be taking part x

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      I thrilled you are taking part, thank you so much for joining in and sharing as well. x



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