It was such a busy October that I have had a delay in my wrap up but I have good reasons and you will see just how busy I was for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here we go…

For the month I hosted a positive challenge and this is because I felt personally I needed to bring some positivity to the month. It can be quite overwhelming when each year bringing awareness brings back memories I would rather lock away and I felt that if I feel this I am sure that others feel this way as well. I have to remember that my life now is that of a happy one and that I have managed to build a positive life after the abusive relationship I experienced. So… I thought we could have a month to recognise the positives and still bring awareness to domestic abuse.

I highlighted each week, so if you wanted to check out what everyone’s posts were about and the info then do click through…



I made my own GIF… which I was rather excited about especially as its what I now end my YouTube videos with.


#AbuseTalk pin badges went up online on my store.mThis pin badge shows your dedication to support #AbuseTalk. Wear it with pride and share it on social media. Bring the discussions in person when people ask what this badge means, Together we are Louder. Merchandise to the founding of #AbuseTalk Twitter Chat and Forum, this pin badge is long lasting and durable. You can buy it here


I went down memory lane and all in a book review as well. Here I am photographed with TV Programme Play Days back in the 90’s. Find out more about why I dug this photo out here.


The second edition of Isolation Junction was released and a blog tour, publication party and Facebook Live celebrations happened. Whats different? Not only has it had a make over but it has had a fresh edit with new content and the content has changed. You can now read Isolation Junction as the events unfold for Rose. A page turner with suspense. You can grab a copy here.  



As part of the publication celebrations I went live on Facebook and I answered readers questions. You can watch it back above. 



Yep thats right, I screwed up and I will let you discover why. I’m sorry… 


BUT Now in November, there’s so much I haven’t screwed up. I have a lot to tell you but you will have to wait until December to find out. All positive and exciting steps forward thats for sure.