Reviews and Guest Blogs

28th October 2019: Accessible Rach

A local blogger wanted to share the news of my award win but also talk about Clipped Wings and the work I do, it’s nice to hear that it has helped her as well. You can read her heart warming blog post here


9th October 2019: Kat on Beauty

A local blogger wanted to share the news that I had been shortlisted for an award and put together a blog combining my press release and her thoughts, check it out here


4th January 2019: Read, Write, Inspire

I have reviewed Lucy Hall’s little book of social media for Emma-Louise’s blog as she has a lot of stationary cover. It used to be called The Stationary Geekette. Find out how I used Lucy Hall’s book and how it made a difference here.


6th October 2018: Taura Stinson 

Taura invited me to voice what I do and a bit about my experience of domestic abuse for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, you can read my article on her site here.


Positive Insta Challenge shares…

2nd October 2018: Viola Blue

1st October 2018: Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles

30th September 2018: Nicki’s Book Blog 

30th September 2018: Read, Write, Inspire


23rd September 2018: Rebel Girls Club

Delighted to be on this local to Hull blog, I met the rebel girls at the HEY Blogging event last month and am delighted to be invited to answer some questions. I have to say this interview is going to stick with me for a while because it was certainly a different type of blog, click here to read the Q&A.


22nd September 2018

Cover reveal day for the republication of Isolation Junction. Almost 40 bloggers involved in sharing the news about the new look. Click on the image or here for the dedicated blog post to see who was involved and the new cover of course.



23rd August 2018: Read, Write, Inspire: The Stationary Geekette

Returning with a new post on this blog hosted by Emma-Louise. I was invited to return with new articles about my stationary findings and so I hopped aboard with this blog post on my new label maker, its a fun read and something different. Read the blog post here.


8th August 2018: Karen’s Book Buzz Blog

Delighted to be the first to have an author spotlight on Karen’s blog. Find out more about my work and me over on the blog post here.


15th July 2018: Chronic Pain Stories – Coping with back pain by Jennifer Gilmour

Last year I had an injury on my back and I spoke about how I coped and still cope with the back pain in this guest blog post. I also speak about my work as a writer and how its helped me come through. Read the full blog post here.


21st June 2018: The Rita Project

Said on this blog as Creating Conversations Online which is a lovely sentiment, The Rita’s Project features my work on #AbuseTalk and the forum which runs alongside. Read the full article here.


20th June 2018: Pict Publishing

A #WednesdayWords blog post to let everyone know about the Bookish World Cup and which Pict Publishing authors are taking part, including me, see the blog post here.


14th June 2018: Rachel’s Random Reads 

Taking part in the Bookish World Cup 2018 I feature Brazil in this post and scrape together football knowledge and linking it into my work- specifically Clipped Wings. Read it all here.


20th May 2018: Tippy Tupps

A review for Clipped Wings here and on the Mental Health Awareness Week, theres a chance to win a hardcopy of Clipped Wings and until the 10th June. “Jennifer wanted to give the people who reached out to her after its publication a voice. From there, Clipped Wings was born” -Read more here.


20th May 2018: Pain Pals

Claire has reblogged her review of Clipped Wings because of my recent news of winning the Most Informative Blog Award 2018, Claire was in fact the lady who nominated me for the award. I am thrilled to have the support of other bloggers like Claire. You can read her blog post here.


16th May 2018: No Fourth River

Author Christine Clayfield invited me to take part in the #BraveMe campaign she has set up, allowing others to tell their stories through her blog. Find out more about my story and the life I have after the abuse I endured, read the full article here.


15th May 2018: Viola Blue

A supportive friend and fascinating blogger reblogged my latest blog post with some lovely words of support and encouragement, you can read her post here.


7th March 2018: Linda’s Book Bag

I was interviewed for the ‘Staying in with…’ series on Linda’s Book Bag blog, it was my pleasure to virtually share chocolate and about my latest publication Clipped Wings. Read the interview here.


7th February 2018: The Stationary Geekette

This is my first guest blog post on the Stationary Geekettes’ blog, I am delighted to be a regular guest blogger for Emma-Louise because I am also in love with stationary. You can find out more about that on my guest post here


3rd February 2018: Author Tayler Macneill 

A review written by Haven who is new to blogging and is a support to my work, read her short review here.


1st February 2018: Nicki’s Book Blog

A 5* star review by Nicki Murphy who also contributed to Clipped Wings, find out what she thought of my debut novel Isolation Junction and what her own feelings are on domestic abuse here.


27th January 2018: Readers’ Favorite 

An outstanding 5 star review that is very detailed and through this well known site, I received an Award for Isolation Junction.

Isolation Junction cleverly builds dramatic tension from the outset. Jennifer Gilmour writes with compassion and realism on this sensitive subject.

Read the full review by Lesley here and you can add your own rating on their site as well.


16th January 2018: Kate Kenzie

Delighted to have come across Kate’s blog post and found Clipped Wings on Kate’s weekly update to read, see it here.


12th January 2018: Read, Write, Inspire

Emma is taking part in this weeks promotion on her book blog on its final day, read her post here.


12th January 2018: Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

Delighted to have Abbie involved in this week’s promotion because she was in fact the first blogger to review my debut novel Isolation Junction. You can read her review via her new blog post here.


11th January 2018: Rock Pool

Delighted to be a part of January’s newsletter for Rock Pool who supply training for those who volunteer and work in the domestic abuse sector, you can read an exclusive interview on their newsletter here.


11th January 2018: Ali’s BookBlog

Delighted that I am on another first ever blog post and this time on Ali’s as she passionately wants to bring awareness to domestic abuse, she is also currently reading Isolation Junction. You can see her blog post here.


11th January 2018: A Little Book Problem 

Julie has a fantastic blog and has passionately posted my promotion for the week on her blog, you can read it here.


11th January 2018: Megg #Hustle&Heart

Megg has kindly promoted my book in a guest post on her blog as well as downloading a copy for herself, take a look her her beautiful blog here.


10th January 2018: The Stationary Geekette

One of my favourite blogs that I follow, I absolutely love stationary and Emma clearly does as well as she shares through blogging what stationary she loves and why. Emma has kindly gotten involved with this week’s promotion for Isolation Junction, read her blog post here. If you happen to be on BlogLovin, you can read the blog post here but I do warn that if you scroll down you will see lots of pretty stationary!


10th January 2018: Author Sarah Northwood

Sarah Northwood has kindly mentioned me in her newsletter which was published today, you can read her newsletter here.


10th January 2018: Kate Kenzie

Kate Kenzie has featured me on her blog and added in some local statistics which are shocking as ever to read, you can view her supporting blog here.


10th January 2018: Duvet Dwellers Books

A ‘Meet the author’ blog post with some extra questions including what my favourite food and drink is alongside where I like to write, read the blog post here.


10th January 2018: Katie’s Book Cave

Katie Jones has joined in with sharing of my week’s promotion for Isolation Junction, you can view here blog post here.


9th January 2018: Shuffle Bookbox

This was a surprise post I didn’t know about, I was delighted to read that other bloggers and reviewers have asked to bring awareness to the promotion for Isolation Junction and the reason why. Take a look at the blog post here.


9th January 2018: Author Sarah Northwood

Sarah Northwood has featured my guest post on her blog for the second out of five days of my free promotion running for Isolation Junction. Read the full blog post here.


9th January 2018: Mia’s Musings 

I am featured on Maria’s ‘Meet the Author’, you can find out more about me and why I started to write on her blog post here.


8th January 2018: Rachel Marie’s Writing Nook

Rachel joins in to share this weeks promotion as well, click through here to have a look. I am astonished at how much support it has received and feel very lucky.


8th January 2018: Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles

Meggy has written a very insightful and passionate review, here is an excerpt;

“…Jennifer Gilmour makes sure we readers realize just how hard it is to accept you are a victim of domestic abuse, and how lonely, cruel, and cold the words and feelings that come with it are…”

Read the full review here.


8th January 2018: IdeasBecomeWords

Another Kate blogging today about Isolation Junction, I am delighted that she is involved because she has so much to say on the matter as well. I thank Kate for her kind words and that she can see what I am doing with my work. You can read more on her blog post here.


8th January 2018: Kate Kenzie 

Kate has started a weekly update and has included Isolation Junction for my promotion week. Kate will also be posting a blog post on the 10th. Read her update here.


8th January 2018: Purple Nanny

Thrilled that even my business connection have gotten involved in this weeks promo, this is my friend Tina’s website she runs a cruelty free shop. Read her blog post here.


8th January 2018: L.T.Marshall

Author L.T.Marshall has featured the promotion on her website as well, I am delighted as we connected recently and have a lot in common. Read her blog post here. If you happen to be on Blogspot you can read it there here.


8th January 2018: Taryn Leigh Author

Taryn shares the promotion this week and also gives her insight in why she think it is important for people to download it as well as share with friends. Read her thoughts here.


8th January 2018: Jessica’s Reading Room

Jessica featured me not so long ago with her conversational interview and some quite in depth questions, she is such a support to my work and has featured this weeks promo on her blog today. Read it here.


8th January 2018: Mia’s Musings 

Maria has a new blog and I am delighted that Isolation Junction gets to feature to begin her journey, Maria has given a review os the novel which you can read here.

Maria also featured me in ‘Meet the Author’ and I believe I am her very first author to take part, you can find out more about me on her feature here.


8th January 2018: Pink Quill Books

Helen Pryke share’s why I am giving away Isolation Junction for FREE this week, something you may not think of as why. I am delighted of her support as Helen also is one of stories in Clipped Wings, read her blog post here.


8th January 2018: J.E.Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy shares some extracts from Isolation Junction as well as answers to some questions on her blog post today, read it here.


7th January 2018: The Write Time

A guest blog post on Anna Rymer’s blog about the 5 day promotion coming up tomorrow, find out why Isolation Junction will be free for five days here.


4th January 2018: L.T.Marshall

I am admin for a group on Facebook, in fact two as they are sister groups. Leanne Marshall mentions me as admin and amongst the other admin members and informs you what the group is like and a link to join, read her blog post here.


2nd January 2018: Read, Write, Inspire

Delighted to have been given a shout out for both Isolation Junction and Clipped Wings on Emma’s blog. Have a look at her top reads of 2017 here.


31st December 2017: Jessica’s Reading Room

Delighted to see Isolation Junction and Clipped Wings on Jessica’s reading list summery for 2017, see my title’s amongst others here.


31st December 2017: Pain Pals

A very in depth review of Clipped Wings with a 5 star rating from Claire. It is great to see the statistics used in this blog post and that awareness spreads as simple as this, showing that everyone can spread awareness from sharing like this. Read the full review over on Claire’s blog here.


28th December 2017: Read, Write, Inspire

Find out about the darker side of Christmas with this guest blog post written by myself. I felt it was important to touch on with the time of year and hope to go further with this in the future, read the blog here.


23rd December 2017: Jessica’s Reading Room

It was lovely to have a conversational interview with Jessica who has been a fantastic support to me and my journey. Find out all about my two publications, why and how I write about domestic abuse, my passions, influences and more here.


21st December 2017: Jessica’s Reading Room

I am delighted that Clipped Wings has been selected in Jessica’s top 10 for her 2017 reads, I am delighted to be alongside authors I am connected with and also are popular like B.A.Paris. Clipped Wings came in at number 9 and you can find out more here.


21st November 2017: Isabella May

Author Isabella May interview me for her author website, we talk about domestic violence, publishing and book covers. Find out how we have a connection and see the full interview here.


12th November 2017: Life Lessons Post

A review written by author Taryn Leigh who highly recommends Clipped Wings as a gripping book which is a must read and rated it with 5 stars, read her review on her blog post here.


10th November 2017: Steph’s Childminding Services

Steph features my latest press release as a guest post on her blog, Steph has been a huge support to me over the years and a friend for many. Running fantastic childcare from her home she always inspires me with different ideas to do with my own children, thank you Steph for helping us to be heard. See the full blog post on her website here.


7th November 2017: Read, Write, Inspire

An absolutely fantastic review written by Emma-Louise who has given a trigger warning for readers as well as some shocking statistics alongside her thoughts. Read what she thought about Clipped Wings here.


5th November 2017: Susans bookreview

A review on Isolation Junction by Susan on her blog today, you can read the full review here.


30th October- 5th November 2017: Clipped Wings Blog Tour 2017

From the 30th October you will be able to click on the Blog Tour image and see throughout the week who is involved. It will take you to the blog post with all the bloggers that are involved, with reviews, interviews, guest posts, extracts from the book and more.

17th October 2017: Cover Reveal

Click on the image or here to be taken to the bloggers involved in revealing the cover of my upcoming book Clipped Wings.

21st August 2017: Jessica’s Reading Room

Jessica has reviewed Isolation Junction and posted it on her well followed blog. “You can’t help but root for Rose and want her to get away successfully and move on with her life. It is a book that should be read by everyone to help get awareness out there for the many forms that domestic abuse can take.  This novel could also help someone who is in this type of situation become aware and realize that even if they don’t think they can, there is hope and help.” Find out what else she had to say on her blog here.


25th July 2017: My Mummy Reviews 

Featured on Kim’s lovely Mummy Review’s blog of which I have been a follower for a few years now. “I wanted to publish this post because Jennifer’s book is about an important topic that people need to be aware of – Domestic Violence. Hopefully this post will help spread the word about Isolation Junction.” Read the blog post here.


8th July 2017: Jen Med’s Book Reviews 

Jen has me on her blog today and I have confessed what books I have loved throughout my childhood, teens, young adulthood and now. Find out my confessions here.


26th June 2017: The Reading Shed 

Trace has given my book a 5/5 on her review, the subject is close to home for her but she has kept her review to the point. Trace also highlighted how I was recently on Estuary Evening News and featured some photo’s. You can read her full review here on her blog.


10th June 2017: BritFic 

I am a member of the BritFic authors and it was my turn on the blog today. The blog post is about the first steps to finding your why and an important start to your writing project, read more here.


23rd April 2017: Rather Too Fond of Books

Mentioned in Hayley’s weekly wrap up alongside some fantastic reviews, her other weekly themed posts and a breakdown of Hayley’s TBR (to be read) pile which is impressive. Read more here.


18th April 2017: Don Massenzio

Re-Blogged from Hayley’s interview onto Don Massenzio’s website, you can view this here.


18th April 2017: Rather Too Fond of Books

Hayley invited me to be interviewed for her blog and here it is; find out about my inspiration, routine, road to publication and the one question I haven’t been asked and my answer all on her website here.


22nd February 2017: Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

I was invited to take part in a series by Abbie of ‘Author Influences’, I am glad to be a part of it and you can find out which authors inspire me. Read the blog post here.


17th February 2017: Hull & East Riding Mumbler

A guest blog post on the Hull & East Riding Mumbler which is a local blog with a wide readership. Domestic Abuse- A Hull Mums Experience gives you an insight into the struggles involving children and domestic abuse and what to look for in an unhealthy relationship. Read the post here.


13th-19th February 2017: My first Blog Tour

If you click on the image or here it will take you to the blog post with all the bloggers that were involved, with reviews, interviews, guest posts, extracts from the book and more.

3rd February 2017: Jessica’s Reading Room

Featured for #FFF (First Line Friday) on Jessica’s blog, Jessica has been in touch since November 2016 and said she is eager to read Isolation Junction. Find out her progress here.


11th January 2017: Portobello Book Blog

A detailed review of Isolation Junction, Joanne talks about how this book effected her emotions and offers praise of the awareness to domestic abuse it brings. Read her review here.


3rd January 2017: The wrong side of forty

A new blog writing book reviews, see this short and to the point review about Isolation Junction here.


19th December 2016: The Book Review Cafe

A week with the Kindle edition of my debut novel reduced to 99p from £4.99 Lorraine feautured my guest post. Christmas is almost upon us and Domestic Abuse will be at a high, find out more and read the post here.


12th December 2016: P J Roscoe 

On a fellow authors website in a guest interview and talking about how writing has changed me. Find out how it has here.


18th November 2016: Annie’s Perception

Read my VIP interview on Annie’s website, find out what it means for me to be an advocate for women in abusive relationships, who inspires me, my challenges and my pet peeves here.


8th November 2016: The Book Review Café

So excited to have been reviewed on Lorraine’s blog especially as she was awarded top 100 book blog award and was number 78 as of the 5th November 2016. See what Lorraine had to say about Isolation Junction here.


4th November 2016: Pageturnersnook

I am honoured to be featured author of the month on Laura’s blog, find out more about what and why I write here.


3rd November 2016: Between the pages book club

A book review on Gemma Gaskarth’s blog who rated it a 5 star, find out why here.


2nd November 2016: Lauren’s Book Addiction

A book review on Lauren Anderson’s blog, find out what she thought about Isolation Junction here.


31st October 2016: Blooming’ Brilliant Books- Book Reviews 

A guest blog on the hidden side of domestic abuse, read more about my thoughts here.


28th October 2016: Pageturnersnook

A review on my debut novel, read what Laura thought here.


15th October 2016: Linda’s Book Bag

A guest blog on Linda Hill’s website which is followed by a large audience, it was a pleasure to be a guest on here.


12th October 2016: Hannah Russell Author

A short book review by Author Hannah Russell, have a look at what she thought to the novel here.


5th October 2016: Writing round the block- Christina Philippou

My first guest blog interview with Christina, read more about me as an author here.


1st October 2016: Blooming’ Brilliant Books- Book Reviews

My first book review on the publication day of Isolation Junction, read what Abbie thought about my novel here.


11th August 2016: Steph’s Childminding Services Stone Blog

Featured as a guest blog on Stephanie Hemsted’s blog. See the blog post HERE.


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