Some of you may remember Rock Pool and how I have mentioned their life changing training. What a journey I have been on… 

I hope this visual I made helps:

I started as a client on the recovery toolkit course which was provided by Hull DAP. I connected with Sue who developed the programme. I attended the facilitator training which has lead onto speaking at this years roadshows about my experience.


I have never been made to feel inadequate whilst in the company of any of the Rock Pool team. I was always conscious when taking that first step to meeting Sue Penna and going on the training that I was going to be the survivor amongst the group, the person who has accessed services the other trainees provide. I admit I felt intimidated but in no means because of them, it was my own feelings and perhaps that perception of ‘them’ and ‘us’. 

I can’t fault the support I have been given but also the professionalism as an equal. Ultimately I am, I am no different, I have just accessed everything a different way. Everyone’s journey is different. 

I decided I wanted to share my talk with everyone and make a YouTube channel to go with it, because I have had it on my agenda for a while but just hadn’t the reason. I now have a couple of reasons and so my channel is born and my video on the Recovery Toolkit Course is for all to see. Please do comment on my video with your thoughts on the video and what I have to say, I do go into some detail of my journey. 

Not only did I do this but I spent some time to myself, I had a meal with Sue and all guilt free. I used to find it difficult to enjoy myself and worry about my children and leaving my husband behind to do everything, it didn’t take me long to realise it was emotional baggage from that toxic relationship. I made sure that I had some calm journey time so I didn’t rush because my failing on events like these are that I make sure I go when the kids are in bed and accommodate for the guilt I had felt. I would then be incredibly exhausted and my supportive husband would continue to tell me to not be silly and next time book earlier. SO I DID!

I made my way to London and I needed to get to paddington for 4.30pm, I arrived at 12pm at Kings Cross and managed to fill it with meeting up with a fellow writer in South Kensington. I tootled around and then went to the V&A on my own. I had some much needed ME time. I was thinking that I would hate wandering around London on my own and felt anxious but I thought if I don’t want to I will just head straight to Paddington and find somewhere to do some work. NAHHHH I LOVED IT! I had that time I needed and zoned out having a look around the museum and even had afternoon tea with a pianist playing in the background. Talk about therapy.


I reflect a lot on life and this certainly was another turning point, being able to allow myself my own time, my time to enjoy, my time to do my own thing, my time to think, my time to simple be!


I continue to work on developing my self.

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  1. Dorota Niecikowska

    You rock!

  2. Viola Bleu

    Wonderful post and so beautifully spoken, sharing your story and brave journey and now helping others. I would like to reblog .xx

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Yes please do reblog 🙂 thank you for sharing and also letting me know your thoughts x

  3. Kate Kenzie

    The V and A sounds a wonderful place so I am glad you found some you time and hope their are plenty of you time opportunities for you to enjoy in future.

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Yes it was lovely Kate. Thank you. I hope you get chances to have some you time 🙂

  4. Kayleigh Louise Brown

    Wow can really feel you passion come across in this video it was quite emotional to watch but i feel so pleased and proud for you. You are an inspiration to all including me and i haven’t had the experiences that you have but you give me inspiration to tackle and overcome by own issues and battles. Thank you 🙂 xx

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Thank you Kayleigh for sharing your thoughts here with me. I am glad it has helped in some way and I hope you overcome any obstacles because you deserve to be happy. X


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