A while ago I asked my street teamers what kind of blog posts they would like. I was interested to know what would be said and I felt it was important to talk about what you want to read. One of the topics was to do with sleeping and tips on how to get to sleep if you’re struggling. I have struggled a lot with sleep over the years and it isn’t always perfect but these are the things I try to help on a bad day. 


My tips:

  1. Watch something funny before bed to take my mind of negative thoughts. 
  2. Listen to some relaxation or chill out music. 
  3. Read part of my book which is a book chosen for pleasure and isn’t going to trigger any negative emotions.
  4. A hot chocolate, get that warm feeling in your tummy. 
  5. Take a bath, If I start to get desperate I will take a bath, I don’t like doing this but if I feel nothing is going to help then this is one of my last resort points. 
  6. Done all of the above? Try putting on a boring film in bed, usually this last step does it for me as I can’t be bothered to watch it. It has to be something you are mildly interested in though, so be mindful of that.


Theres another rule that must be followed when trying all of the above for me and that’s not going on my phone. My phone will continue to ping through the night as people tweet and message from all over the world. Phone’s are known to stimulate the brain and thats the last thing I want to do at 1am when I am struggling to get to sleep. 


A couple of books I have to hand which are next to my bed at the moment.


What helps you get to sleep? 


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