Before you read on I want to let you know that there is a solution and that even though Drip is closing my work will still be going forward, it will be a case of finding the way forward. Read to the end to find out what I will be doing. 


My announcement on Drip:


Hi everyone, 

I come with some sad news today which I don’t normally like to do. But it’s got a silver lining and I hope you will be a part of that moving forward. 

On Friday I received an email with the announcement that Drip will be shutting down in October of this year. Originally Drip was a pilot scheme and I was invited onto the platform as I had successfully funded two Kickstarter campaigns. Drip is a part of Kickstarter and with loyalty, thought and research I decided to go with Drip. It was an exciting time and also a lot of work to put this together, you can imagine that the news has come as a bit of a blow. 

You can read the announcement here

Good news time…

I have since been invited onto Facebooks pilot scheme of creating a ‘membership’ group, I can’t create tiers so it would be a set price. Even though this is good news I am also wary as I can’t offer the range as I have had here. 

The other is that I can transfer over to Patreon but this would be a manual transfer. Patreon has been running for quite sometime and I had considered originally to go over to there. The reason why I didn’t is because it operates in $ and not £. 

Either way I will be going forward but I do want to invite your thoughts on what you would prefer, a flat rate on Facebook or Patreon with tiers. Get in touch with me: contact@jennifergilmour.com

Before you go…

I will be continuing to post here and will be keeping you posted, so don’t leave just yet, lets have a big hurrah as a send off on here. Especially as moving forward I have lots to share with you, this year was planned to be a big changing year and the motions are in work- ready to share with you before the rest of the world. 

Thank you for your time and vast support. 



Wait before you really go, for those of you who aren’t on my Drip I thought you would like to know this:


Exclusive content I have shared for those who support me on Drip: 

  • Digital Badges for website/blog/social media for certain tier levels
  • Early cover reveal for Clipped Wings: Revisited
  • Bonsai – a 300 word piece of written work which explored my own ability to create suspense
  • Discount code for webstore depending on tier level
  • Original sketches of mine for both current publications
  • Read before release of Clipped Wings: Revisited
  • Correspondence from local MP
  • Unpublished diary entry – Surviving or Dying
  • Never before seen WIP (this project is still ongoing)
  • Some video updates
  • Other messages of progress and feedback

When I move platform I will be publishing the content over on the new platform, so it won’t all disappear. For the Premium Membership I will be releasing the yearly fan pack early upon the closure of Drip. I will improve and amend the tiers from what they are set as currently. For those who want to receive a personal invite to the launch of this please get in touch directly with me, other than that it will be announced on the newsletter as well as my blog and social media. 


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