I am delighted to have been asked to be a part of Jo Huey’s blog tour happening this week. A blog book tour is much like a traditional book tour, except the stops are all virtual. Instead of going from bookstore to bookstore, the author goes from blog to blog. I have been involved in a blog tour for my own novel Isolation Junction and this is the first time I am taking part as a host for another author. You may be wondering why this is the case because this site is not a book reviewing site or book blog. It is in fact the nature of Jo’s book as to why I have taken part, Jo was brought up in an alcoholic home and survived a different type of abuse compared to one I highlight. It was a great chance for me to look into someone else’s survivor story and learn from it.

Jo is an inspirational speaker, coach and author. She is also an adult child of an alcoholic and shares her personal story of living with an alcoholic father for 16 years and how that has impacted her adult life. Jo is brutally honest about her experience, explaining how she coped as a child in an alcoholic home and the self-development journey she took in her twenties to overcome the trauma.

The blurb

An autobiography of Jo’s life from the trauma and unpredictability of living in an alcoholic home, through self-development transformation to the more content, happy and successful business woman she is today.

 Jo shares her many insights into alcoholism and the effects on the family. An honest and brutal account of Jo’s experience with her father’s addiction to alcohol, she shares the highs and lows of life with an absent father and busy mother. 

After life hit an all-time low in adulthood she decided to turn her life around and start a journey of self-discovery. Jo transformed herself through therapy, self-help books, groups, events and more which she shares in the book.

If you have experienced the challenges of living with someone’s drinking, then you’ll relate to Jo’s experience and feel the connection with her story. 

If you are interested in an inspirational and motivational story, then you won’t be disappointed. Within the book, Jo shares several techniques you’ll be able to learn and use in your life if you really want the change you seek.

 Jo Huey is an inspirational & motivational speaker, coach and author.

Jo gets up every morning wanting to help those with experiences like hers, those affected by someone’s drinking. She connects the dots to form a new picture using practical tools & techniques with the aim that they would genuinely feel better about themselves and live a calmer and chaos free life.

My review and thoughts on Transition 

Absolutely fantastic forward written by Dr John McMahon  who expresses the inspiration a survivor story truly releases into the world. Perhaps I am biased but on a personal note from my own survivor story and the release of my fictional novel it has helped so many, the messages I receive each week show that these stories are needed.
Jo’s prologue explains what she would like the book to do and I can again relate to her words. It’s refreshing to hear how she is in a calm and happy part of her life now. That you can reclaim your life and learn to live and be happy again.

Throughout the book you get to see photos from Jo’s life and of the people she refers to in the book. I didn’t feel it was needed when I started Transition as I had visualised her and her family but it did bring home that this is her own story and this happened to her, it did break up the chapters and as the book went on it became more relevant.
I thought the insider tip and fact boxes worked really well within the book as it broke it down a little and re-enforced what the author was trying to tell us within her memoirs, it brought focus to a point you may have simply read over and not thought much into. Later on Jo introduced self help tips as well and these were also interesting to read.
One fact I wasn’t aware of was that if alcohol was re-classed today it would be a class A drug. I can say I have learnt a lot from this book on a subject that I am not fully educated in.

Jo said she felt like she lost her identity and I can again relate to this.

Later in her book Jo talks about what she learnt about mindfulness and I am currently working on my mindset, how to turn off from work, how to choose when to deal with certain subjects emotionally and that I can choose to put things aside and enjoy my weekend and address the problem or concern on a Monday or the day I choose. This specific line made me hault and I would like to remember in years to come, “our minds will always think about things; that is how the mind works, but it’s down to us to bring our thoughts back to the present moment until the next time we get distracted”.

Jo’s willingness to change her life is something others should look at. I am constantly working on my own self, trying to improve myself or upgrade myself. Jo expressed to others that those who say they can’t change isn’t exactly true, people choose to either change or accept its stagnation. Sometimes I get frustrated because I want those close people in my life to change their behaviour or the way they treat others because I can see the upset it causes but it isn’t my responsibility and over the years I have learnt to accept them for them. I would love them to read Jo’s book and have the realisation that even when you think you don’t need to change and you’ve dealt with what cards life has dealt you, this isn’t the case.

The facts at the end of the book were very interesting and fit in well with the book. The only problem I had was that I unfortunately couldn’t play Jo’s video on the version I had, but I am sure I will be able to find it online or she will direct me.

Jo has spent 20 years trying to re-discover herself and what a journey she has taken. I felt like a passenger on her journey as I read through her book. I have given Transition 5 stars for one main factor and that is that she speaks out it takes courage to uncover what has happened to Jo in her own life.

Thank you once again Jo for such an important message.

If you would like to read Jo’s book you can buy it on Amazon. Jo is also doing a live Q&A tomorrow at 8pm GMT on this Facebook Event.


  1. Jo Huey

    Thank you so much for such an amazing review. Sharing my experiences to help others is the key to the book so I’m glad you found it helpful.

    You are also doing great work and I’m always interested in collaboration.

    Thanks for supporting the tour.

    I will email about the video.

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Hi Jo, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I will get in touch with you regarding a collaboration as well, I had also thought this would be a good opportunity. Thank you once again and good luck with the tour. I hope the be present at the live Q&A tomorrow evening. Jennifer

  2. Emma

    Great review:)

  3. Noelle

    What an insightful and thought provoking review.


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