It’s finally here, what everyone was waiting for. On the 1st October the virtual launch of Isolation Junction took place, mainly on Facebook but there was a lot of tweets as well.

I wanted to give you an over view of the event and an insight into what everyone thought. First of all let me mention you can grab a copy of my book over at Amazon now.

Throughout the day I posted the all important link, information and updates. I believe people found it very interesting and some eyes opened to the hidden side of abuse. Backers from Kickstarter had started to get their copies in the post on that day and posted them with the books with lovely messages, then the race was on to see who would finish reading it first.

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It was lovely to hear from supporters, followers and friends on this day. I have been working on Isolation Junction for the past 18 months and the journey has not been easy. I am sure you will come to see why in reading the fictional novel, I know a few who have read it have found it difficult to read as they recognise the pattern of behaviour that seems so obvious once it is knowledge.

Reviews started to come in and here was the first Amazon review Isolation Junction received:


My first book review was launched on the day as well, I was very excited about this and I am pleased to tell you it is an excellent review. You can view it here. I met Abbie virtually on Twitter and she managed to fit me in her busy schedule, I am glad she did because her reviews are highly rated.


Unfortunately even after coming out of an abusive relationship and known as a ‘survivor’ there are still times of upset in many ways, nightmares, triggers and even confrontation. I have spoken to men and women who still suffer years and years down the line, one stated 20 years to me. Its a shame that this is the case after all the trauma you go through to get to the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

I felt it was necessarily for this post at the end of the day and I can honestly say what an emotional roller coaster it has been. I will never regret my decision to write this book and what I decide to do in the future. I just hope that anybody who reads it and is in such a situation can find the hope to leave and become a survivor because freedom is everything.


You can check out the event on Facebook here and go to the page and keep updated on a daily basis here.

Thank you once again and before I go today I reached the best seller top 100 at place 60 on Amazon! I couldn’t be more happier and excited.


I cannot wait for the next journey to unfold on here.


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