I was contacted by Jane Upson from Safeword Film and theatre Production Ltd last week and I was intrigued by her news of a theatre production about domestic abuse. A different form of entertainment bringing awareness to domestic abuse, just think of the how many people this could reach. I am honoured to be able to review the production, keep reading to find out my thoughts.



Powerful Play raising awareness of Co ercive control within an abusive relationship culminating in the death of a young wife at the hands of her violent husband.



Wimbledon Library

35 Wimbledon Hill Road



SW19 7NB


Date and Time:

Sat, 30 March 2019

19:30 – 20:30 GMT



Tickets are just £5.83 each.


My Review:

I have to commend the actress playing Sandra who held a chilling and disturbing monologue that takes you through the first moments of her relationship with Paul right through to an event 5 years in. Linda, Sandra’s sister then leads the theatre with her monologue, her thoughts and how she felt on the outside of the abusive relationship looking in.

For survivors this will certainly be triggering but this is also a testament to the unsettling piece of acting. I related to the production, I could see myself going through the contemplations of returning over and over again to my abuser, I could almost re-live the fear and the times I ran away from him in fear. Trying to think of what it would be like as the audience, I can imagine them wondering why did Sandra stay? I think this aspect was touched on but could have really embedded in her dependence of that person. I also felt that the police officer may have been over emotional for the stance that person would have taken. I thought it was very clever how procedures were entwined within the police officers monologue and those who are watching could actively go and ask for help themselves, they would know how to ask. 

This production has a very powerful message and the last section with the police officer really spoke truth into Sandra’s situation, she was already dead. A blunt but honest account and it reminded me of a relative who once turned around and said to me ‘It was like you had died, you’ve come back from the dead’. A realisation that it consumed me as a person and changed my personality, identity theft in a different way. 

If you have a chance to watch this production of Waking up Dead, I would take it, it stirs up emotions and thoughts. Thank you to Jane for bringing this to my attention and I wish you all the success with it, it needs a recognition. 



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