As part of my slot in this years online pop-up book shop event the other week I asked everyone what freedom meant to them.

The reason why I ask is because I never appreciated what freedom truly meant until I left the abusive relationship I was in. In fact when I came out of that relationship at first I had a time of withdrawal because I was so used to being told what to do and restricted on everything else. I didn’t know what to do with myself and so I admit I went out on nights out and enjoyed myself, some might say I reclaimed my youth back. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable making my own decisions but I have to say I enjoy making them now. At first I found it overwhelming having choices and at times now I don’t want to make some decisions but the ones I do I thrive for the next. One I struggle with is spending money, I used to have to grovel and try and ask in a certain way to be able to spend money on gifts for occasions. I find that now I want to have no cap and the first Christmas not in that relationship I went wild, I spent on my family as I felt I had to make up for the years I was very restricted. My struggle now is to have complete mental freedom but it is still better then the prison of a home I had before and so my mental fight to have a clear mind, that freedom is even more important to me.

So here is what freedom means to these 10 connections:

Hi Jen I have both of your books and myself have experienced similar things you and others have, freedom means everything. It is like a huge heavy weight inside your heart and on your body has being lifted. Just simple things like been able to eat or leave the house without anxiety was a weight lifted. Thank you for takingthe time to share your story and others stories too. xxx

Suzanne Tanner

Freedom for me is being able to have fun with people I enjoy spending time with whenever I want to do that

Michelle Childs

Freedom to me means that I have made the right choices as I have made the bad ones before

Fiona Burnham

For all to live in harmony and support each other no matter what you are, where your from or your beliefs are. Each person is as valuable as the next and deserves the room to flourish. We also owe it to each other to Stand with and speak up for those who cant. Freedom is about all that and also being able to question without fear what is happening in our world. We need to encourage, educate and allow communties to grow and support each and every person be they young or old,male or female,

Richard Judd

Freedom means being able to be yourself, without being criticised or made fun of, without walking on eggshells, not knowing what to expect.

Helen Pryke


Penny Buchan

For me, freedom is quite simply just owning myself and not having the worry if I’m living incorrectly!

Catherine Broster

For someone to give me a hand + knowing what path to take in life been down too many

Joela PortPow

Freedom to me means I can do what I want to without being judged good or bad for it and looking at how it benefits everyone not how negative effects take

Victor Wright

Freedom to me is the ability to own my decisions – whatever consequences that may hold. To know my life is mine, and if I choose to share it that’s on my terms x

Heather Benstead

Please do write what Freedom means to you.

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  1. Viola Blue

    As always Jen, your honest sharing makes these blog posts so readable, more so for people who understand a little maybe of what you have survived.

    To me freedom means being able to change direction in my life; without negative comments and passive aggressive behaviour such as being delivered a cup of tea in bed, along with a cutting from the newspaper highlighting how FB is ruining society; both delivered with the words “Enjoy your tea, and I’m not showing you this because you’re on FB or anything.” ……


    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Freedom. I am glad you found this blog post useful as well. I hope you manage to make those changes peacefully and wish you the best. x

  2. Jackie

    Hi Jennifer, Freedom, for me, means the ability to make my own decisions and make my own mistakes, dealing with the consequences, good or bad. There are things in my life I have no control over, like everyone else, but, I think that is the point of life. You shouldn’t be able to ‘control’ anything besides yourself.

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Thank you for sharing with us Jackie. X

  3. Kate Kenzie

    For me freedom is independence; to make a choice and be able to do it without having to ask and be able to do what is right for you without comeback from others

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Thank you for sharing with everyone Kate. X

  4. Haven

    Freedom for me is not only the financial freedom to walk away from my own poverty but to also have the ability to help others. Not being able to help makes me feel chained up 😞


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