I am a mum of three; Sophie (6), Riley (4) and Robyn (9 months). Becoming a mum was one of my life ambitions alongside becoming an author of course. My eldest of my children show a huge interest for art, crafts, acting, writing, singing, swimming and sport. Even Robyn at 9 months has this bubbling personality and I can see that Sophie and Riley assist in helping her thrive.

I never thought that my life ambitions may cross over but I am thrilled to let you all know that my eldest daughter (Sophie) is following in my footsteps.

After the first week back at school I looked through Sophie’s book bag and was prepared to search through the usual correspondence. There was a letter addressed to Sophie and so I opened it thinking it could be to do with a parent meeting, charity event, a school trip, flu jab or other vaccine or even the dentist. I was over joyed with the outcome and I had to admit I got up and jumped up and down, as any proud mum would. There before me was a letter to informing Sophie that her story board was selected to be published along with this certificate.


Sophie was one of few selected through the primary schools to be published in the book “My First Story – Adventure From Yorkshire” later this year. I have to say that I am thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell the family all about her success, of course Sophie was thrilled as well and said “I’m going to be like you mummy”.

I cannot wait to get a selfie with us both holding our books, like mother and daughter everyone is saying.

Of course I will let you know when the book is out and show that all important book selfie. Sophie has started her CV and cannot wait to get another chance to publish her work, she has started writing a full book and has stated is must be stapled together. Again, any work I will keep you updated with and I am sure her talent will flourish.


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