As something different I started an online course on writing fiction, joining with connections I have made in a writing group on Facebook that I am admin for. I thought it would be a great way to get other student views and is completely free.

This was a short assignment on what I had started to collate in my writing journal and it was opened to receive feedback from peers.


The room was dark and eery, there was nothing to be heard but the sob of a woman sat on the end of her bed. Her long mousy brown hair fell over her face as she held her head in her hands. At the window a tabby cat appeared and started to call hello through the window, its paws padded on the pane of glass waiting for its master. Iona peered up from her hands and gave a sniffle, she didn’t want to get up but knew there was going to be no escape from her tabbies call to her. Slowly she pulled herself up from her bed and dragged her feet along the floor, her nose began to run as she walked to the moonlight and wiped her nose from the top of her hand down to her elbow leaving a snail trail like mark along her arm.

“Here puss puss…” Iona softly said to her friend in the night and opened the window for her tabby to climb into the warmth.

“Where have you been tonight Bonsai?” going to stroke him in the hope she would gain some comfort form him.

“You don’t want to be stuck in here, I will make you just as miserable as me” Iona sniffed once again and picked up Bonsai to take him over to the bed and cuddle up.

Bonsai had begun to purr as Iona softly stroke his silky coat, it made her smile. Looking over to otherwise of the box Iona remembered that it wasn’t going to go away and she felt a pain go through her tummy which made her feel sick. The box sat there in its rustic state, innocent and unknowing to its contents.


Here is what a couple of my peer’s thoughts were and I was of course delighted to read this feedback.

I hope you enjoyed reading my short story as well and I wonder if it intrigued you to know whats in the box?

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