Today celebrates the opening of Abuse Talk Podcast and the launch of the first ever episode. I opted in for a soft launch and so haven’t offered a build up, this is because the first episode determines the acceptance onto certain platforms. At the publishing of this blog post it is currently available on Spotify, PocketCasts and Anchor


Abuse Talk is a digital community- Join the discussion about domestic abuse.

A series of interviews with those that work in the domestic abuse sector. Getting an inside feel for what its really like in their job role and sharing it with all of you.


The first episode titled EP1: Abuse Talk and the Digital Community is an introduction to the podcast but you get to find out how Abuse Talk first began with personal insight from myself. Reference to the Abuse Talk 2019 report that was made up in July 2019 and the plans to move forward. 

Do follow the podcast on whatever platform you use so that you can be notified of the new episodes which will be every fortnight. Theres also an opportunity for your to join in by leaving a voice message. 

Find out more about Abuse Talk and everything that comes under its umbrella here

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