At the weekend I was invited go along to see Beach Body Ready at the Hull Truck Theatre by The Roaring Girls. I had met Jess (one of the actors) at the Trinity Market in Hull a little while back, they were doing some promo in the mental health awareness week and this years theme was Body Image. I had held a discussion within the week on the subject via #AbuseTalk and a lot of the tweeters expressed how they struggle with their body image and shared their own feelings, keep reading for more on this. 

It was exciting to find out about a theatre production is bringing awareness to body image and in a form of entertainment. Which I relate to with my first publication, educating through entertainment works well together and I have always used this to explain that text books may give knowledge but not understanding.  

Let me share my thoughts with you and keep reading as I decide to join these brave ladies and get my ‘bits’ out. 

About Beach Body Ready

It’s the season of cutting carbs, hitting it hard at the gym and shaving everything from the chin down. Summer has rocked up and coerced us all into thinking about how awful our bodies are. We’ve been shamed, dehumanised and humiliated for how we look, and we’ve had enough.Beach Body Ready sees The Roaring Girls smash their way though ingrained fears, food insecurities, and toxic advertising in this defiantly feel good show which sticks two fingers up to everything the media says we should look like.

Created in The Roaring Girls’ semi-improvised style, Beach Body Ready blends impassioned rants with cheesy fitness routines, and live, informal chats with a beach trip on film, accompanied by a banging soundtrack.

Beach Body Ready is produced by The Roaring Girls in association with Hull Truck Theatre, Absolutely Cultured, The Pleasance and York Theatre Royal and developed with support from ARC, Cast, Sheffield Theatres and Square Chapel.

I went along with another local blogger Kat on Beauty, I invited Kat along with me because we had both been discussing body image weeks before. Kat inspires me with her confidence and honesty via her social media platforms, she is certainly someone that is helping me to feel more comfortable in my skin. 

We both very much enjoyed it and couldn’t stop talking about the production, amongst ourselves and others. In fact I felt that I related to Beach Body Ready for the most part and thought whilst I was watching it that my husband would probably be able to relate to it as well. This says it all: I have purchased tickets for July 13th when they return to Hull Truck Theatre for just the one showing. Make sure you get your tickets fast. I even went a little further because their message resounded with me so much, it has made me think on how I talk about myself in a negative way and in front of my own children. I have made a pledge on their crowdfunding campaign for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I think my message on that pledge explains it.

My crowdfunding message

Thank you for inviting me along to your production.

My only hope is that many watch your production because it not only entertained me with its comedy, but I related to the content. I put myself under pressure constantly and sometimes I wonder who for? It needs to be for myself. If more young teens could watch this then I think this would make a difference to their mindset.

The production will have you crying with laughter and shed some tears when hearing the accounts of these women in an alternative way to get the body positivity message out there. You invest in the characters and enjoy different ways of expression, through acting, music, dance and video. Everyone should be talking about this.

Congratulations on such a fantastic production. I wish you all the best with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and look forward to seeing you again in your July production at Hull Truck, this time with my husband.

Visit their crowdfunding campaign here

I hope I don’t regret this… 

I am sharing a photograph from last month, I took it as my ‘before’ photo for attempt number seven of 2019 and I had so many things I could pick out of what I don’t like about myself with this. But why? The more I worry about it, the more I eat or give in. 

I felt I should join these ladies in stripping down to my bikini and sharing it with all of you. My main problem is I compare myself to other women and I think this is a natural thing to do but I feel it becomes unhealthy for me when last year I watched the TV programme Love Island for the first time. The people in Love Island have been hand picked by many others, I would love for them to send in someone which may be classed as ‘average’. I personally flucturate between jean size 12-16 if you are wondering, I used to be ashamed and felt embarrassed to share. I think the more people that show their bodies the better, not filtered, not using a skinny app to manipulate the photo, just raw and honest. This year I vow not to watch Love Island because I know it subconsciously upsets me because I don’t have a ‘banging’ body like theirs. 

The discussion on #AbuseTalk 

Click on each tweet to see what people thought and feel free to join in. 

I missed out a few posts as they were general how are you and a positive train at the end. You can join in with #AbuseTalk every Wednesday 8-9pm GMT on Twitter. 

Thank you again to The Roaring Girls and for being a voice for other women. 

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