This year I set myself a goal. In fact I set myself goals each year and usually have three large goals to complete.

One of my large goals this year was to gain my first speaking gig.

I have wanted to do this for a while and break into the speaking world but I needed to spend time on getting to know how to bring my message across. A difficulty I felt I had was that I continued to minimise what I went through. I have had some amazing support of a life coach who has helped me to focus my mind and not let certain obstacles stop me from reaching my goals. A lot of people have said how talking to me has made a difference to their lives in different ways and so I knew I needed to create my inspiring conversations into a message.

Confidence was clearly going to be something I needed to get right as I have that sense of feeling like an imposter. I mentioned this in a previous blog post.

BUT only a couple of months into 2018 and I started to take some bookings. Not one but a few, which I was delighted to book in as they were all with meaningful connections.


Here’s where I am over the next few months:

May 11th- London- Rock Pool Roadshow speaking about my experience of the Recovery Tool Kit course as a client and facilitator.
FREE event (must book)

June 23rd- Consett- Derwent Valley Literary Festival and Celebration of Books– 1pm- Talk, Q&A and book signing.
FREE event

July 13th- Liverpool- Write Blend– 7.30pm- Talk, Q&A and book signing
FREE event


Why am I telling you my personal thoughts, my goals and my aims?

I once had an interview with David Burns (known as Burnsy) on BBC Radio Humberside. I can’t remember the question he asked me but my response to David was “I am not special, this happens to so many, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience domestic abuse in their life time”, Burnsey responded to me “but you are different because you have released a book…”. This is by memory so I can’t directly quote but it made a difference to my perception.

It helped shape my presentation and ultimately turning a mess into a message was what I was doing. I felt it was important to help give others a voice when they are unable to. For those who don’t know when I decided to take on this journey I left myself open to further abuse and it has not been easy, I admit I have been trolled by the obvious and including contacting anyone I have connected with to corrupt it which leaves me not confident to follow up with those people who have made a difference. I couldn’t give up my work because to me it felt like I was then showing to everyone that giving up was the way, its important I remain strong.

David Burns and me in October 2016


I was reminded of the interview with David Burns when I was contacted by the gentleman who wrote his story for Clipped Wings, he messaged with;

I keep seeing your Facebook updates you seem to be super busy.

Keep up the good work. If I hadn’t turned Radio Humberside on when you were on the radio I never would have had the chance to contribute to Clipped Wings.

I feel it confirms the importance of speaking about domestic abuse and my work. If it wasn’t for that interview with David Burns then I wouldn’t have had a males story and again I commend him for his courage to write down what he went through.

I thank anyone who takes the time to interview me, to book me to speak, to have me on their blog and those who support. The message is important and it not only helps my personal journey but it helps others as well.

*** Available to speak at UK events ***


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