This weekend I have bought something for myself and with a lot of final feelings. I will explain of course…

I have had a rush of what freedom feels like once again, a few weeks ago it overcame me. In fact I was in shock for a while, I didn’t know whether to cry or whether to smile; so I nervously laughed whilst I figured out my own emotions.

When you invest all your time into fighting for what you believe in and it finally gets actioned … it’s almost seeing what the end looks like. The end could be anything for anyone, it could be the end of fighting and illness, the end of a family feud, the end of a financial strain, I’m sure you understand what I am trying point out here.

When you come to the end, you wonder what are you going to do with all that time you spent investing on fighting for the end? And that’s what happened to me and in an unexpected way.

After a day of it sinking in, I realised all I had to do was smile. That what I was feeling was in fact that sense of freedom I have yearned for and I don’t need to be afraid of it. It’s something we all deserve and should have. I understand what freedom is about and I know others are with me – check out this blog post on what does freedom mean to you?

So… to make this feel official I had to add to my pandora charm bracelet. I had to mark it with another charm because each one of my charms has a story behind why it has a place on my wrist.

Side one has the word Free engraved.

Side two has this inscription ‘Sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you fly‘

I am sure you can see why I bought this charm to add to my collection.

Let me know if you have a bracelet with charms that mean something to you.

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