#AbuseTalk Forum is NOW OPEN!!!

Up to date information on the day on virtual opening event:

To celebrate I am giving away a £10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, keep reading to find out how to enter…

Why have I opened a forum?

I have always felt a forum was needed but couldn’t find its place and so I decided a Twitter Chat was the direction to go. After a few months of hosting #AbuseTalk I realised that tweeting was great but it wasn’t for those who don’t want to publicly discuss domestic abuse. It is also restrictive with the character limitations. Thats when I realised that a forum can work alongside the Twitter Chat and offering a register only forum.

I am also delighted to have the forum sponsored by a solicitor which will be announced in the grand opening, our solicitor has agreed to answer questions within the forum on their own thread ‘Ask a solicitor’. This is priceless, to have the opportunity to ask a solicitor when perhaps someone may not have had the ability to do so.


How do I access the new forum?

You can head there right now… www.jennifergilmour.com/community 

PLEASE NOTE: You will only see the news and updates forum until you are registered, once you are registered you will see the main Abuse Talk Forum appear with all the topics and discussions. 


Who is the forum for?

Anyone! Anyone with an interest or passion surrounding domestic abuse. 

It can also be for those in the sector like charities, organisations, advocates, bloggers, businesses and more. 

Or it can be individuals that want to help, offer guidance, who have gone through abuse or are going through it now. 


How much does it cost to be a member?

Its FREE! All you have to do is register at: https://jennifergilmour.com/AbuseTalkForum/?wpforo=signup 

There will be a VIP Membership area but that is opening later on, updates will be given and this will be just £10 a year with a bag full of offers, discounts and more. This is you really need that extra security and community. 

Sign up for notification of this service here: http://eepurl.com/dor93f 


How to use the forum:

Enter the giveaway here…

A huge thank you to all the bloggers who have kindly featured the opening on their blogs today, you can view them here: 

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I would like to sponsor the forum, how do I do this?

The forum is open for sponsorship to cover the maintenance and time it takes to moderate the posts.

Anyone can be a silent sponsor for £1 or £3, scroll to the bottom of this page: https://jennifergilmour.com/abuse-talk-twitter/

For businesses/charities/organisations/advocates etc please contact me for availability – contact@jennifergilmour.com OR fill out the form at the bottom of this post. 

Sponsors will receive a unique badge to place on their website and social media to show that they support the forum.


Tell me more about #AbuseTalk…

#AbuseTalk is a Twitter Chat that runs every Wednesday evening 8-9pm GMT. It is open to anyone who wants to discuss domestic abuse.

Each week we have a theme which is there to help the conversation flow through the one hour. You can at any point ask your own questions, reply to others and join in.

Not in the UK? Thats not a problem either, we have people joining in around the world and have adapted the cover photo to display the times in the timezones most used.

Find out more here:



Thank you to Main Sponsor:

Picasso Legal – lisa@picassolegal.co.uk / UK Tel: 01952 303004


Thank you to Topic Sponsors:

*Author Fiona Wilson – www.facebook.com/fionawilsonauthor

*Joanne Howarth from The Happiness Club – www.happinessclub.co.uk

*Richard Judd

*Author Helen Pryke- www.helenprykeauthor.zohosites.com

*OuTFox- www.outfoxprinting.com

*Author Kelly Smith- www.thoughtsbecomingwords.com


Need to know more?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a sponsor use the form below.

Thank you for your time and if the forum isn’t for you – it may be for one of your friends. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Get in touch here:

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