Yesterday I had a fabulous meet up with some of the Stoke on Trent Capital of Culture bidding team for 2021. Results if they win the bid are this evening. How I came about this is a little surreal but a lovely tale in itself.

I had met a gentleman called Beat virtually via another virtual contact on Facebook, Beat had actually backed my Kickstarter campaign for Isolation Junction which was well over a year ago. Since then we have stayed in touch and Beat has been very supportive of my work, gives me encouragement and motivation as well as interesting articles to look at, he also backed Clipped Wings Kickstarter Campaign. You will find Beat’s name in the acknowledgements of both of my books at the back.

Last week Beat sent me a message informing me that he was coming to Hull and I didn’t realise it was to do with the SOT2021 bid. I was informed that the lovely group of people wanted to see how the Capital of Culture has aided Hull City and what changes it has brought and what is yet to come. As a Hullensian (I would say Hullian like many) I was delighted to hear about this as I am born and bred from Hull, you can read more on my blog post Made in Hull. Anyway, Beat himself had won a space on this trip and I happened to be free that day to be able to meet him and everyone on it.


Beat and I


It was lovely to meet Beat and the rest of those on the trip, what struck me was their pure enthusiasm to learn more about Hull. Speaking with the volunteers around, taking plenty of photographs and asking plenty of questions, they weren’t shy at all. It was refreshing to see and hard to come by at times. It really made me feel proud of our city and they were so hopeful and excited at the thought that they could win the bid for Stoke. I am rooting for them today and will be tuning in to hear if they are chosen.

I also had the opportunity to learn more about Stoke which was lovely as I do have friends that live over there, hearing of their pottery heritage and also the canal system. Showing glimmers of similarities of our City and theres, do not quote me on this but with a potential bad reputation.


“Hey up Duck”

Beat informs me this is how people in Stoke greet one another and I just love that I got handed a duck and there were ducks everywhere!

Another photo of some of the enthusiastic bunch of supports for the bid.


It was fabulous when it was lunch as everyone got out their phones and started Tweeting in the opportunity to bring it to number 1 on trending! It went from 5 to 3 whilst we were there, I left so I don’t know if they did make it to 1- please let me know if you did.

I also got to meet a lovely 15 year old girl called Zin who has an enthusiasm for writing, we had a lovely conversation and I hope that I can help to direct her further. Again her enthusiasm really lit up my day, perhaps its their nature in Stoke and if so then everyone needs someone from Stoke in their lives. We could learn a lot from them.

Wishing you all the best Stoke and thank you Beat for inviting me to meet you.


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  1. DorotaN.

    That’s great that you had the opportunity to meet another of your supporters 🙂 x

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Yes it’s certainly lovely 😍 thank you Dorota. X

  2. Kate Baker

    You are so busy these days, which is so cool! 🌸

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      I really enjoy it although I will also enjoy my Christmas break. X


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