Isolation Junction written by Jennifer Gilmour

Born in the North East, I am a young, married mum with three children.  I am an entrepreneur, running a family business from my home-base and I have a large readership of other young mums in business for my blog posts.


From an early age I have had a passion for writing and have been gathering ideas and plot lines from my teenage years.  A passionate advocate for women in abusive relationships, I have amalgamated and fictionalised other survivors experiences alongside my own to write my first novel detailing the journey of a young woman from the despair of an emotionally abusive and unhappy marriage to develop the confidence to challenge and change her life and to love again.  I hope that in reading my book, I will raise awareness of this often hidden and unseen behaviour and empower women in abusive relationships to seek help for themselves and find the confidence to change their lives.


The month of June has been a busy and celebratory month and I want to share with you all in this blog post a summary of everything. I am also celebrating with a giveaway of a signed copy of Isolation Junction which is at the bottom of this post and closes...
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Domestic Abuse: Learning to love again

I wrote this article for my Huffington Post Blogger account but it was a couple 100 words too long. I couldn't not share it in full and felt that it had to be written about. Domestic Abuse: Learning to Love Again.  Taking those first steps back into the 'real' world...
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In Sheep’s Clothing Review

I came across ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’ when I was reading an article online, my cousin had shared it and it interested me. I instantly had to buy the book, not only because of the content but also because there was a fox on the cover. If you don't know my love for foxes...
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BizMum Award Nominee 2017

Over the weekend I received an email informing me that I had become a BizMum Award Nominee 2017 for the award Inspirational Mum Award in the 4th BizMum Awards. I have to admit I wasn't expecting to receive this email and it came as a surprise. Here was why I was...
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Short Sharp Poem Challenge

This year it is Hull City of Culture (2017), throughout the year and on each Monday a new challenge is presented. People from Hull have been joining in. "No Limits, our learning programme, aims to discover the creativity hidden beneath the surface in our fantastic...
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