Behind the scenes can be rather busy for me and so I want to share an inside into my holiday. My holiday prep began a few months before actually leaving, for me to have ‘time off’ is rather difficult as I have weekly commitments and usually people getting in touch for support or help. My husband would also say I am a workaholic but I would describe it as passionate. I had to have certain goals achieved before leaving as well as ‘cover’, ‘cover’ includes for my #AbuseTalk Twitter chat which happens live each Wednesday 8-9pm and my blog.

Kelly Smith joined me on #AbuseTalk for the first week, Kelly had informed me of the questions she wanted to ask for the weekly discussion and I put them together. It was a successful week with Kelly co-hosting, you don’t really have time off for Twitter Chats that are scheduled each week – I joined in 3-4pm Florida (US) time. Kelly certainly helped with interacting and holding a great discussion, she is also a sponsor for the forum which is open to anyone. To find out more about #AbuseTalk please pop over to the dedicated page here.

I was delighted to have many guest bloggers join in with my time off and had eight lovely supportive ladies write up something that was personal to them or their experience of domestic abuse. I have placed all the blog links below so you can go through and read them, they are well worth the read and many have related to what has been said or have come away learning something new.

I better share some photo’s with you all, which hopefully shows how fantastic my holiday was. We spent a week on Anna Maria Island and a week in Disney World. My husband (Rob), my three children and I in these photo’s, it was my first time outside of Europe. I have recorded some footage to use in the ‘my thoughts’ series on my YouTube channel so watch out for that coming soon as well.

As I promised, here are those blog posts you should read. Feel free to comment on them and share your thoughts. Thank you to all of the guest bloggers and to Kelly for your time in helping me have some much needed time off. I am back and ready to go, bursting with motivation.

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