Whether we like it or not, the world is becoming a little more digital. This snowball effect means that there will be more and more at our disposal – and it won’t be long before we’re completely inundated with it! That might be a bad thing, and there will probably be lots of people on that side of the debate, but there are so many benefits to this new-age technological world we’re a part of.

Because of the constant improvement of tech and the different gadgets around the world, we’re becoming more and more spoiled in terms of convenience and speed. People are becoming dependent on it, and while that might be quite negative in certain areas, it makes everything very cosy! Here are just a few ways this stuff helps us sleep at night:

Being organised is a lot simpler

Again, whether this is a positive or a negative is up for debate, but we’re now able to have lots of aspects of our lives planned out much simpler. If we had only our brains and a piece of paper, then things would take a lot longer, and we might even get yourselves into a few mental twists. When we have everything in front of us, then we’re going to have a much easier time – it would just be a case of putting our info into the already concocted skeleton.

These software programmes that are available now can help us with so many aspects of our professional and personal lives. For instance, if you need to plan out your entire day, week, or month, then there are platforms that allow you to do that. If you need to organize projects and staff in your business, then there are a lot of project management systems available for a price. Do you need to organise your finances? Well, programs like QuickBooks can get you through that particular minefield with a lot more ease than before.

Virtual mail is a thing

When we say that everything is becoming digitalised; we mean it. You can literally get in touch with companies like https://physicaladdress.com/ that will provide you with your mail in a safe and secure digital form. If you’re completely busy with work and other commitments, and you need to have information in front of your screen pretty much all of the time, then you can use virtual mailboxes. They’ll store your actual, tangible mail online via PDF or another document. You’ll be able to access it on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

We can own virtual offices

If you’re in need of a more professional looking area, but you don’t quite have the means in terms of relocating to one, then you could buy a virtual office space. Businesses and freelancers need to have that air of professionalism around them, and a mature, responsible home is a great way of starting. Lots of people work from home or from workplaces of a lesser standard while occupying a different address.

Communication is easy

Need to chat with someone immediately? Well, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to miss a call or a message. We’re at the point now where people only struggle to get in contact with each other due to one ignoring the other. Conference calls and chat rooms are so advanced now that it’s a piece of cake to organise meetings and discuss important things.


A balance can be difficult some times and I am one for getting lost in notifications, I have to be strict with myself when I am working. I also try to digital detox, meaning giving time up to turn off my phone and put it in a different room, time away from my phone pinging and my wrist vibrating. I use the Forest app where and when I can, you grow trees for a set amount of time and if you go on your phone before the timer is over the tree dies. It sounds peculiar but it helps me and finding what works for you is the key. 

Without the digital world the work I do would be very different and more of a challenge. #AbuseTalk wouldn’t exist and the amount of apps and programmes involved with that area alone comes to around ten. 

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