For quite some time I have been connected with the lovely and beautiful Lucy Hall. I don’t know how I originally got connected with Lucy but I do know that I loved her social media and content planner when I first grabbed a copy for the year 2018, I loved it that much that I then went on to review it. A year and a half later with another couple of reviews and I find myself attending the Social Day 19 conference in London which she has put together with her husband from Avviso Media Ltd.

I thought I would first share the reviews with you for her planner and also her little book of social media. The third review was published with The Creative Planner digital magazine and you can read it on page 6.

The Social Day conference hosts the largest specialist event for social media marketers from brands and agencies with major social networks speaking, case studies and interesting keynotes. I was clearly excited to go along and find out how I can help bring awareness to domestic abuse and the work I do through social media. Of course having the chance to meet Lucy herself as well.

When I arrived Lucy was the first person I saw and Stuart helped find my badge, I immediately offered to help with anything and got stuck in with the goodie bags. It was a great way to meet people.

The three days were jam packed with speakers, workshops, case studies and also stands for different social media tools. I was certainly in for a busy time and not to mention the two parties on the evening (the drinks were certainly going to help me speak to more people). I was looking forward to hearing from managers in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat the most. I wanted to see if I could learn something new or find out if I was doing everything well. I didn’t study the programme before the event that much as I wanted to make on the spot choices for workshops. Other interests I had were in influencer marketing, platforms I don’t use like Tik Tok and Twitch, social listening, social media campaigns and content creating.

Spot me in the crowd, I have to say that I really enjoyed networking and everyone was as interested as I in the conference and finding out about one another. I made some great new connections and I know they will certainly stick. I thought I would feel like the odd one out as most attendees are social media managers for brands or freelancers, I am there as an individual trying to help my own brand. I certainly didn’t feel like the odd one out and I came out with so many ideas from others and the content on my next steps forward. I’m not completely alien to social media managing as I used to be that for Game in Chester, I have also helped others with their social media and people often ask me how I achieve what I do on social media (I must be doing something right).

Did anyone say drinks? Drinks on an empty stomach certainly led to a lot of conversation with people and the atmosphere was just the right amount of fun, laughter and sharing of experiences with social media. I finally got to say Hi properly to Lucy and had some photo’s taken. Lucy, it was so great to meet you and I wish I had more time just to chat with you.

I couldn’t resist an Insta wall and if you were on my Instagram over the three days you will have seen more photo’s and clips of the event.

The second party was at King Pin in London and thankfully was right near where I was staying, phew! There was bowling, karaoke and pool. I seemed to enter in depth conversations which was random but also interesting and exactly why I was there. I have to admit I was taking it easy on this particular night after enjoying the night before rather a lot. I wanted to be refreshed for day three for the keynote speakers. I have to add that I went alone to the conference and knew no one at all (apart from a couple of virtual connections), I was rather impressed with myself for getting stuck in.

Day three came and one keynote I was looking forward to in particular was by Bruce Daisley who was talking on Twitter and is runs the Twitter business in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Twitter is my preferred platform, especially as my Twitter chat #AbuseTalk runs on there each week. I had to ask a question and I loved that others spoke out about how its their preferred platform, one lady said she spends more time with Twitter than her husband.

Photo’s with the logo were taken by Mr Ladd Media.

I better sum up with a testimonial written by me and for Social Day..


What an event. Thank you so much for all you do and put into Social Day. I think it’s such a fantastic way to increase your knowledge, discover new methods, gain ideas and network with those in a similar industry.

If you didn’t come this year then you should certainly go in 2020, plus you don’t have to be a social media manager for it to be relevant. If you are a small business this will massively help you. Not to mention that you could potentially meet a future social media manager for your business through this event.

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