I cannot believe I am reviewing everything from 2017 and looking at 2018 and my To Be Read list.

Here is a simple summary from Goodreads. I absolutely love Goodreads as you can set yourself a challenge of how many books to read in a year and keep an eye on your progress as well as friends. 2017 I set my challenge to 20 but completed 29, in 2016 I had only just discovered Goodreads and hardly read due to not being able to focus.

Through the year I have posted reviews on my blog, specifically those that link to domestic abuse. Here’s a list of reviews from the last year on my blog.

  1. Emotional First Aid by Hayley Wheeler
  2. In Sheep’s Clothing by George Simon
  3. Transition by Jo Huey
  4. Autumn Sky by Helen Pryke
  5. Broken Pieces and Broken Places by Rachel Thompson
  6. Walls of Silence by Helen Pryke

For all of my reviews please see my Goodreads profile and feel free to follow me.

I am also working my way through my TBR list and want to let you know what I am going to be reading over the next months. Some are from fellow authors I have connected with and some from those who write about domestic abuse as well.

  1. The Monster That Ate My Mommy by Jessica Aitken-Hall
  2. Snare by Lilja Sigurðardóttir
  3. Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh
  4. The Sacrificial Man by Ruth Dugdall
  5. Get Happy! The Essential Daily Guide to a Happier Life by Jo Howarth
  6. Oh! What a Pavlova by Isabella May
  7. The Right to Be Me by Stella Eden
  8. No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield
  9. The Healers Secret by Helen Pryke
  10. The Cocktail Bar by Isabella May (ARC)
  11. The Carrero Effect by L.T.Marshall
  12. Alice by J.M.Sullivan
  13. Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris
  14. Between You and Me by Lisa Hall
  15. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  16. No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom
  17. A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson
  18. Writers Craft series by Rayne Hall
  19. IT by Stephen King
  20. Quidditch Through The Ages by JK Rowling

I still have another 10 books to add for my 30 Goodreads challenge for this year.

Wish me luck. I would love to know what’s on your reading list for 2018.

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